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Mechanical Engineering and Installations

Advised by our auxiliary engineering, we can take responsibility for the assembly of industrial installations for gas or other fluids: from the development and technical study, to the final reception and start-up. Our staff is certified for TIG, GTAW/TIC, SAW and MIG-MAG welding procedures.

We develop preventive and corrective mechanical maintenance adapted to the needs of the installation and its service, studying in each case the solutions and predictive, preventive and corrective improvements.

We can accept projects in different sectors being the most typical:

  • Industrial installations of basic fluids, water, compressed air, steam

  • Connections and natural gas distribution lines

  • Natural gas regulation and metering stations

  • Air/gas regulation groups

And other works of metal structures on request.

From our technical office we develop the engineering and technical support for the execution project, homologation and legal procedures for its legalization.

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