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Burners & Combustion Systems 


Supported by our represented ESA Pyronics  and Tecflam, we can offer a complete range of burners, flame controls, mixers and regulators, valves and accessories for combustion equipment in any existing industry application.

We offer equipment and services to the industry: from the burner to technical assistance, equipment maintenance, tuning, combustion analysis, health and safety, auditing and training, supply of accessories... always in accordance with current legislation.

We can offer both a comprehensive solution with delivery of turnkey projects or the supply of a basic component of the combustion equipment.

Our experience and the wide range of products of our represented companies allow us to work in different industrial sectors such as:

  • Metallurgical sector: Steel, Aluminium, Copper,…

  • Heat treatment

  • ceramic and brick

  • Feeding

  • Glass

  • pack him

  • incinerators

  • Textile

Around the burner there is a whole set of accessories that are part of the combustion system, providing total control over the burner and safe handling.
In this sense, Easy Combustion supplies the assembled set or loose parts for the entire regulation group and gas train, made up of:

  • Solenoid valves

  • valves

  • servo valves

  • Filters

  • Regulators with and without pilot pressure

  • sealing blocks

  • Pressure gauges

  • pressure switches

  • Ionization and ignition electrodes

  • Ultraviolet cells -UV- for safety control of the presence of flame

  • Burner ignition and control programmers

Recambios Combustión Industrial
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