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Technical assistance  Maintenance

Technical assistance:  We go to your facilities to solve your problems. On request we can issue a report on the status of your installation.

Maintenance :  We collaborate with our clients based on periodic maintenance contracts, according to their regulations or needs of the installation, to carry out revisions of their combustion equipment, checking leaks, safety and operation. At the end of each review, we deliver a report with the status of the installation and our proposal for improvements to your equipment.

Updating your installation : We condition your equipment, improving its control features in accordance with the latest technology and security systems, and we reduce your emissions so that they are within the legal limits, all with the aim of improving the performance of your installation.

Installation / boot. Our presence in the start-up and process tests will ensure the optimization of your new installation.

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The burner is the heart of any combustion system. Its correct choice and dimensioning is essential for the correct operation of any combustion process.

We can supply a complete range of burners for different industrial processes and in various sizes, for different types of fuels and mixtures, with different internal nozzles: metal, refractory or Silicon Carbide depending on the application... for any shape of the flame, with direct or indirect flame through radiant tube, with combustion ratio adjustment…..

Depending on the application, different burner alternatives will be offered….

Atmospheric burners, premix, air-gas, strip burners, recuperative, self-recovery,

Air vein burners  for typical applications of dryers, paint booths, external or internal to the recovery circuit, with external or recirculated combustion air…..with executions according to the user's needs.



We offer the industry equipment and services: from the burner to  technical assistance , equipment maintenance, tuning, combustion analysis, health and safety, auditing and training, supply of accessories... always in accordance with current legislation.

We can offer both a comprehensive solution with delivery of turnkey projects or the supply of a basic component of the combustion equipment.

Our experience and the wide range of products of our represented companies allow us to work in different industrial sectors such as:

  • Metallurgical sector: Steel, Aluminium, Copper,…

  • Heat treatment

  • ceramic and brick

  • Feeding

  • Glass

  • pack him

  • incinerators

  • Textile


Mechanical Installations

Advised by our auxiliary engineering , we can take responsibility for the assembly of industrial installations for gas or other fluids: from the development and technical study, to the final reception and start-up. Our staff is certified for TIG, GTAW/TIC, SAW and MIG-MAG welding procedures.

We develop preventive and corrective mechanical maintenance adapted to the needs of the installation and its service, studying in each case the solutions and predictive, preventive and corrective improvements.

We can accept projects in different sectors being the most typical:

  • Industrial installations of basic fluids, water, compressed air, steam

  • Connections and natural gas distribution lines

  • Natural gas regulation and metering stations

  • Air/gas regulation groups


Easy Combustion is a global provider in the supply of combustion equipment , whether in the comprehensive supply of the entire combustion system, new or improving old equipment, supply of loose components, technical assistance in maintenance and improvements in combustion performance.

With our collaboration, our clients are assured of interacting with a single supplier capable of managing their gas installation from the Regulation and Measurement Station , ERM, of gas at the factory entrance to the last point of combustion, the burner.

The objective is to offer products and services to increase your productivity and improve your performance , reducing your energy consumption, always in compliance with safety regulations and minimizing your polluting emissions.

easy combustion  is a category EG-A gas installation company , RASIC 000308253,  and registered in the Register of Accredited Companies, no. REA 0900004477.





Improve the efficiency and safety of our clients' combustion processes by proposing preventive maintenance and new equipment that enhances our clients' human and material resources.
To be a leading company in the supply and maintenance of combustion equipment with the aim that our clients see us as their closest collaborators.

Efficiency, improvement.

Orientation, commitment and proximity to the client.

Innovation, own identity and teamwork.

Reduction of CO2 gas emissions, environmental awareness.

 We install the best security systems, which also contribute to declassifying EX zones.
Not only are the usual safety elements important in gas ramps, such as UV valves, programmers, solenoid valves, etc.
They can also protect their facilities and the health of the people who work in them, with a good gas detection system.




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